Artery Network White Paper

Before starting to read White Paper, we want to tell you about our vision of the document. Due to the gain of momentum, millions of newbies enter the Blockchain market every month. They are eager to “be in’’, but are faced with a ton of new terms and thousands of experts, each of whom has their own understanding of Blockchain. Based on this, we decided to split the White Paper into 2 parts: Concept Unit and Technical Unit. The goal of the first one is to convey in the principle of the Artery Blockchain and the Artery application “human” language, therefore all the material was simplified as much as possible and in some parts was described in more detail than it’s usually required. Technical unit — the traditional description of the Artery Blockchain and the Artery Network application in the form familiar to developers and advisors. Good luck!

Concept Unit (clearly on the main points)


Blockchain Description

A couple of theses:

Roles in the system



Percentages are in the range from-to (21–30%). The more you delegate, the higher the payout percentage. An example is indicated in the Earnings block. Delegation

Products (Artery Network application)

Artery Storage

Artery VPN

Artery Node

DPoS Delegation

Income (Artery Network application)

5 ways to make money

1. Coin delegation

2. Affiliate program with rate payment

3. Affiliate Program from Delegation of Invitees

4. Leadership Bonuses

5. Artery Node Product

Market Description

Market Description



Technical Unit

Technical Unit

1. Introduction

The key features of the blockchain are:

2. General Structure

Main functionality of the block includes:

The off-chain block includes the Artery Network app, as well as Artery Storage and Artery VPN. Main functionality includes:

3. Artery Blockchain

3.1 Wallet Addressing

3.2 General information about how Blockchain operates

3.3. Artery Blockchain Modules

3.4. Blockchain Software Update

4. Off-chain services

4.1. Artery VPN

4.2. Artery Storage

4.3. Block Observer

4.4. Wallet (Artery Network Application)

Artery Network Corporation
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