How to get Artery

Using Artery services, you can generate ARTR coins by placing them for delegation, as well as receive a reward for recommending Artery products to other users. We will tell you more about these ways of earning on this page.

Artery Coin Delegation

Artery Coin Delegation In this case, you are taking part in the issue of new coins using DPoS technology. You are sending coins from the main wallet to the delegation wallet i.e. coins seem to be frozen in your wallet. Thus, there are fewer coins in the market, volatility decreases, and the system sends you a reward for the work you have done. The amount of remuneration is set as a percentage depending on the amount of the delegated coins.

  • Delegate 1–999 ARTR, reward + 16% / month.
  • Delegate 1000–9999 ARTR, reward + 19% / month.
  • Delegate 10.000–99.999 ARTR, remuneration + 22% / month.
  • Delegate 100,000 or more ARTR, reward + 25% / month.

By delegating coins, you kind of freeze them, providing ARTR with liquidity in the market.

Building an Artery structure

On the basis of the Artery blockchain, two products have been implemented: VPN service and File storage. Services are available to Activated Users. The activation cost is $ 25, or 2000 rubles. For this money, you get access to both VPN service and decentralized file storage. If you already use Artery products, you can recommend them to other users. You are rewarded for recommending Artery products you get from 2% to 15% for activating user accounts that you and your users have invited you get from 0.5% to 5% from the coins delegated by the users that you and your users have invited

How much can you earn in Artery

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For recommending Artery Network products, you receive rewards from as many as 10 levels. For example, if you recommend a product to 3 users, and they, in turn, start activating everything 1 person per week, then after 3 months you will start earning over 10000 $ a month only from affiliate marketing.

The amount of remuneration for payment of the tariff:

  • 1st level: 15% from the payment of the tariff;
  • 2 level: 10% from the payment of the tariff;
  • 3–7 level: 7% of the tariff payment;
  • 8 level: 5% from the payment of the tariff;
  • 9-10 level: 2% of the tariff payment;

Delegation fees:

  • 1st level: 5% of the amount of the delegation;
  • 2-3 levels: 1% of the amount of delegation;
  • 4th level: 2% of the amount of the delegation;
  • 5-9 levels: 1% of the amount of the delegation;
  • 10 levels: 0.5% of the amount of the delegation;

How to build an Artery structure correctly

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