Your device is a network validator, coin delegator and product user at the same time in Artery Network

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The Artery Network is based on devices (phones, computers) that allocate free memory and internet connection in the Artery Node product, providing decentralization to the Artery Storage and Artery VPN products. Having reached the stake of 10.000ARTR (DPoS) and Status 2 (Leader) in the affiliate program (PoA), the devices become the Artery Blockchain validators

Artery Blockchain

1. Based on the reliable and fast tendermint BFT consensus engine

2. Transactions up to 30 seconds with minimum commission (0.3%, max 10ARTR)

3. Combined consensus: Delegated Proof of Stake + Proof of Authority

4. Transactions are completed immediately after being accepted to the block

5. High reliability of a distributed network. If 1/3 of the validators are offline or send erroneous data, Artery Blockchain will be still working

6. Increased time to release a block — reduced network and performance requirements for the devices running the blockchain

7. Voting module for managing key parameters. The community jointly decides how the conditions for the blokchain functioning will change

8. Modular structure with good module isolation — protection against critical errors at the application level (an error in one module or a failure during transaction processing will not stop the entire blockchain)

9. Built-in system for rewarding participants for using and promoting the blockchain products

10. The ability to seamlessly update the blockchain by the participants’ decision (in future)

11. Written using GO language and Cosmos SDK

12. Accessible and documented REST API node for the blockchain management

Artery Network App

Artery Network application is an excellent example of decentralized products implementation on the Artery Blockchain.

  • Artery Wallet
  • \Convenient purchase and storage of ARTR right inside the app
  • \ARTR Delegation
  • \Fast ARTR transfers with minimum commission (0.3%, max. 10 ARTR)
  • Artery Storage
  • \Safely store your files from photos to documents
  • \When uploading, files will be split into parts, encrypted and sent to dozens of devices (nodes) on the network
  • \5GB of decentralized storage base available
  • +Delegation (DPoS)
  • \Participate in the issue of new coins by delegating ARTR
  • \Until October 18, 2021, the maximum remuneration is 25% / month. Further, the reward will be reduced to 20% to avoid hyperemission
  • Artery VPN
  • \Your internet connection will go through the devices (nodes) connected to the network
  • \Basic 5GB of decentralized traffic available
  • Status System (PoA)
  • \Users are given the opportunity to recommend a product through the affiliate program and receive rewards for this
  • \The status system helped to complicate the process of obtaining the role of a validator, thus increasing the blockchain security: in order to become a network validator, it is not enough to have a stake of 10.000 ARTR (DPoS), you also need to get Status 2 (Leader) in the affiliate program by proving your "authoritativeness" ( PoA)
  • Artery Node
  • \Allocate free memory on your device for Artery Storage, share your internet connection for Artery VPN and get rewarded for it
  • \By fulfilling both criteria of combined consensus (DPoS + PoA), you will be able to become a network validator and earn rewards from fees for transactions in the block. To activate the block validation, you need to download the computer version of the Artery Network

About the coin

  • Coin ticker: ARTR
  • Full issue:
  • Initial issue:10.000.000ARTR

ARTR coin is traded on

ARTR course: 1.345$
ARTR issued by: 48.192.384
Market Cap: 64.818.756$
Coin ticker: ARTR. The coin was issued on Artery Blockchain specifically for access to 4 decentralized products of the application: Artery Storage, Artery VPN, Artery Node, DPoS Delegation.
The preliminary period of full emission is 10 years (2030). The emission of new coins will occur through the payment of rewards to delegators who helped users to become validators and increased the coin liquidity by their stakes.


About the coin

 Periods of planned reduction of remuneration to delegators were determined as follows to reduce the risks of hyperemission:

1-6 months 21-30%
7-12 months  (from18.04.2021) 16-25%
13-18 months 11-20%
19-60 months 6-15%
61–96 months 1-10%
97-120 months 1-5%
121 months 0%




  • RARTR Wallet Web
  • RInternational site and web-application version
  • RMedia Kit Creation
  • RListing on exchange
  • ROnline Academy
  • RApplication with all products on MacOS and Windows


1st, 2nd quarters
  • [Artery Blockchain 2.0 early testing. This release will include real-time instead of block height events scheduling amongst other features.
  • [Wallets for storing and transferring BTC, ETH, USDT
  • [API and AppKit for Telegram bots
3rd quarter
  • [Decentralized messenger
4th quarter
  • [The plugin for browsers with Artery VPN product. The ability to create sites in the protected area yoursite.artery. The site will open only when Artery VPN is enabled on the phone or plugin in the browser


  • [Interface and AppKit for receiving payments in ARTR
  • [Artery Marketplace is a trading platform where every company can place its products and services. All companies will work as a single network, in which clients of one company will automatically receive bonuses from all others while paying for products in ARTR

Artery Network Corporation
Company Number: 222751
Suit 103 Premiere Building, Albert Street,
Victoria, Mahe, Republic Seychelles

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